What Parents and Students Say

We are thrilled to receive feedback such as you will read below from parents and students who have thrived during and after their experience with West River Academy. Here is a sampling from around the world:     *From Parents       *From Students & Graduates

From Parents

“Our unschooling journey is finally over. It’s been great. My girls have turned out better than I ever hoped! Thank you for all your help and role modeling for what is possible outside the system.”
~Ann, Grand Junction, CO USA

West River Academy family in Patagonia, Argentina


“I’m so grateful for the time that my daughter spent homeschooling. I have seen her progress so much in the areas of her interests. I also noticed her enthusiasm for achieving better and better results, trying over and over again until she got it. She has definitely reached a much higher level in her academics than she would have in public school.

“Thank you so much for encouraging her through your correspondence. It has without a doubt been invaluable to her through the learning process.”
~Maria, Houston, Texas USA (formerly from Argentina)


“Thank you so much for all your guidance, support and understanding. The journey has felt so much richer and more secure because of your input. I can’t express my gratitude to you enough. It’s been great working with you.”
~Janet, Golden, CO USA


“I like working with you! You and your school are like a dream come true for me and my teens. I have told my friends of your good services. In two years I will have another teen graduating and I plan to do it with your school.”
~Liliane, Taichung, TAIWAN

Juan in Rio Negro, Argentina looking up the meaning of “West River” on his computer.


“Thanks for all your help. I was very pleased with the way the conference call went Monday night. I think everyone walked away with a “can-do” attitude.”
~Liz, Thornton, CO USA


“I think Andy was in second grade when I first attended your info sessions; when I look at him now, so tall and strong, I can hardly believe he was once that little boy. I am so glad that we have been able to school him ourselves these past years. Thank you for continuing WRA– that has made it possible.”
~Robyn, Grand Junction, CO USA


“I have TOTAL home schooler peace thanks to West River Academy….
I’m so happy you are there doing this great thing for homeschoolers. I tell everyone I meet that thinks you “have to” test your children about you–I hope most of them have come to your umbrella!.”
~Audrey, Denver, CO USA


A West River Academy student doing homeschool science in Hungary.


“Peter enjoyed his first year of West River Academy’s unschooling approach to learning. He feels as though he learned more this year than in any traditional classroom setting…

“Peter has a solid desire to continue in West River Academy. He believes he has learned more than ever because he has consistently applied the concepts he researched, worked at his own pace, and received positive reinforcement from his online teachers, his mentor, and parents.

“Peter found he “decompressed” from the traditional classroom setting, that focused more on discipline than on learning. He enjoyed reading books and gained a deeper understanding of others. He was not afraid to explore topics or express his opinions. He feels more confident not having to hide his own personality and interests. The unschooling schedule allowed Peter time to develop as an individual and to learn through his own study, analysis, and experience.”
~Sheryl, St. Louis, MO USA


“Just wanted to thank you again for all your work. We met with the counselor and it was very successful due to the detailed transcript. Tim just needs a few classes and he is done. I definitely will be using your services again.”
~Becky, South Beloit, IL USA


“I never let an opportunity go by to share Amanda’s school experience with anyone; it was the single best thing we ever did for her education. I’m hoping that my grandchildren (some or all!) will someday take advantage of WRA and homeschooling. Because of the whole concept of unschooling, Amanda has ventured down an academic road that she would not have found had she stayed in public school.

“Her plan is to become a forensic anthropologist and she has such excitement and high hopes for her future. It’s truly wondrous to see when at one time in her life, school was nothing but a struggle for her. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the service and direction you provide to so many families.”
~Ann, Castle Rock, CO USA


“I never thought that I would be homeschooling my children. I was very apprehensive when my son requested to be homeschooled. I was referred to West River Academy by a friend who was homeschooling her children. The director, Peggy Webb, met with us and reassured my husband and me that we could be successful.

“Our son was a junior in high school and we were worried that he would miss out on career opportunities and so forth. This was unfounded! It turned out to be one of the best experiences for all our family. The academy was supportive, informative, and very helpful with all challenges.

“Our son is currently a medic in the US Army and our daughter chose to homeschool as a result of her brother’s experiences.”
~Penny, Fruita, CO USA

West River Academy’s first two (twin) graduates in Mexico and their family.


“Thank you for speaking with the kids’ mom. She’s on board! This is the first time we’ve agreed on homeschooling matters and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you.”
~Steve, Pasadena, CA USA
(a happy dad after initial 15-minute free consultation with him and then his ex-wife)


“As a parent of an actor in LA, I refer West River Academy often! Katy is doing amazingly well with homeschooling! It has genuinely been the best thing we have ever done and I so wish we would have started it years ago!

“We appreciate the flexibility of working with West River Academy; it is just perfect for her learning style. She can do school when it is best for her and if she takes a few weeks off she can easily catch up at her own pace. I talk with several other parents out here about school and the other programs seem very restrictive and more focused on scheduled teacher meetings rather than the kids themselves and what is in their best interest so I highly recommend you guys to everyone!

“There is a new mom moving to California and I think she will register with West River Academy this summer!”

~Liisa, West Hollywood, CA USA

rita vargas

A lovely young lady, Rita, in Japanese dress living in Buenos Aires, Argentina


“Children should not be stifled; they should, in fact, participate in their education. Evan was never a child who could be structured in a school setting. I spent from kindergarten through the beginning of eighth grade trying to get him to conform to the codes and the ridiculous rules of traditional schools. I am very thankful for West River and to a very good friend of mine for pointing me to WRA and Peggy.

“His dad is a school teacher and so is his aunt. He has a core of people around him who support him in his endeavors. Once a month, Evan and I go out to breakfast and WE BOTH plan his curriculum for the month. Evan is progressing and excelling because it is about Evan and his education this time around. It isn’t about mandated testing that the state requires for their placement in the overall status of the state (and not the student). It isn’t about times tests or stressful surrounding.

“Thank you Peggy and WRA, Evan and I are quite pleased.”
~Jill, Palmyra, NJ USA

Alvarez kids ARG 5

Argentinian family in Entre Rios


“Your service gives me a wonderful peace of mind.”
~Sharon, Oak Ridge, TN USA

From Students and Graduates

“I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity of being myself and being free.”
~Catrina, Bucharest, ROMANIA


“Throughout my elementary and middle school years, I accomplished more than the average student, but I was always bored. West River Academy gave me the opportunity to change my thoughts from “I’m bored” to “I love school”.

“West River Academy was the ideal choice for me. One of the greatest things about West River Academy is that it allowed me to combine my interests with education. When I started high school, I wanted to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. As we live on a ranch, I was able to start a meat goat business. This started with a four-year business plan. I had to learn a number of things to be successful with my business. This included Accounting, Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Science, management of resources, and a number of other business practices. I am proud to say that my business made a profit this year and that with forty-two goats and agricultural equipment, my business is worth approximately thirty-five thousand dollars.

“Without West River Academy, I think I would have dropped out of high school by the time I turned sixteen. West River Academy was there when public schools were not. I would like to thank West River Academy and my guardians for their considerable contribution to my life.”
~Gwendolyn, Grand Junction, CO USA


WRA graduate and model. Read her interview here: www.fashionista.com/2016/04/charlotte-d-alessio-coachella


“Over the past half year or so, I’ve probably learned more than I ever have in my life. I’ve learned about making music, relationships, the benefits of self-reflection, things that inspire me to pursue my life goals, and just overall life skills. I’ve had a lot of fun being able to reflect and write about things I do in my everyday life and what I’ve learned through them. I’m sure at some point, I will apply to my future all the things I have learned this year. I am proud to now have completed my high school education and I’m very excited to be pursuing my life passions and interests. Thank you for everything, Peggy.”
~Grant, Boulder, CO USA


“Homeschooling was one of the best experiences that I have had in my life and I have learned a lot from the experience. I was able to unlock my inner self and my inner child. I was allowed to have fun while learning and be able to express myself as well as be more curious. I don’t think I would have changed a thing.”
~Matthew, Kalamazoo, MI USA


“I’m proud of being home schooled and very thankful to West River Academy for being there for me. During the time we worked together, I learned a lot about myself and I will miss the entire experience. Thank you for being so understanding with me.”
~Natanael, San Bernardo, CHILE

Our first graduates in Mexico


“I wanted to thank you for being so supportive over the years. I am so thankful my parents found your school. It has been exactly what I needed to learn all that I have. You gave me freedom to be who I want to be and learn in a way that was right for me. Thank you for following your dream to help others find their dreams! Best wishes to you.
~Jacqueline, Ellisville, MO USA


“I can say with 100% conviction that everything that is stated in the website, especially in regards to the method of graduation and what it entails, is completely true and valid…

“This alternative to regular schooling gave me the freedom to create my own curriculum and scheduling according to what my needs and situations were and got rid of all of the anguish and stress that families usually seem to experience when going through the schooling system…

“I have now been accepted into all of the colleges that I was working towards gaining entrance in.”
~Ester, Burnaby, B.C. CANADA


“I have been able to achieve a great education. I have learned that there is always more than one way to achieve your goals. I have never done things the way everyone else has; I have to find my own way. I have learned about real life by doing real life experiences. My family has taught me not only math, reading, and writing but they have taught me about fixing cars, balancing budgets, and to keep trying.”
~Mitchell, Hesperus, CO USA

Neels Visser, Los Angeles, CA, 2016 Graduate

WRA grad Neels Visser, actor, featured in Vogue. www.vogue.com/13449542/male-model-neels-visser-los-angeles-style/


“…after homeschooling and then coming back for classes at the regular high school, I have realized that I’m glad I left. I have noticed how the students act, how the teachers act, and how I act. I’m happy that I’ve grown up in maturity to the point where my sense of humor is different from many of my peers. I’m simply glad that I’m different, and I feel like I’m ready to face the real world.”
~Tim, Longmont, CO USA


“West River has saved my life, honestly. If I was still in traditional school, I think I’d either be dead or in jail. This program, this school, this new way of thinking and learning is the greatest thing any one could ask for. Because of you I’ve been able to pursue my dreams in skiing and in life, without interruptions, stress over grades, tests or stress of being in that mediocre school environment. For this amazing opportunity, I truly thank you from the deepest place in my heart.”
~David, Durango, CO USA


“I have enjoyed so much doing this program. I love your approach to education..Even when school is over, I’m definitely going to keep up some of the valuable habits I’ve learned through your program. Thank you, Peggy, for providing a wonderful homeschool program that fit me perfectly!”
~Jesse, Las Vegas, NV USA


“Wow, already it’s the end of my last report! I have to admit that I’m a bit sad that this is the last one because I’ve become so used to being your student and I can’t believe that I’m already graduating. It seems like yesterday that I was a giddy freshman getting ready for the long road towards adulthood. Even though it was for a small portion of my life, I must say that it was truly a great honor to be one of your students. Thank you so much for helping me get to where I am now with home schooling because if it wasn’t for you I would probably be a high school dropout flipping burgers at McDonalds. Thank you.”
~Nate, Longmont, CO USA

Mexican student “videographer”


“I have truly enjoyed being homeschooled and feel I have learned many valuable lessons, both educational and lessons for life. I feel I am ready and have learned skills to now face all of the new challenges I will be given as a young adult. I have been blessed to be a homeschool graduate. I am thankful for West River Academy and all your hard work in helping my family achieve our goals in our homeschooling journey. It has been a pleasure being enrolled in your program. I have enjoyed expressing myself through these reports and sharing just a bit of my homeschool life with you.”
~Aaron, Denver, CO USA


“I would like to thank West River Academy for all your support over the last four years. I feel blessed to have been able to experience such unique schooling and such a wide range of subjects. I feel confident that I have the knowledge and skills to succeed in college and in life in general.”
~Victoria, Elbert, CO USA


“I tell people about your school all the time; it’s an amazing program, you were an amazing help, and I’m still as excited about your school now as I was when I first enrolled!”
~Amanda, Villa Grove, CO USA


“One important aspect of this year is the drastic difference between my middle-school/learning experience and that of other teens I know. I have been able to grow academically, socially, and emotionally, without the level of teenage angst of my friends. I think it is because I am in control of my learning, my day, and my life. Being in control helps me understand who I am and what I want in my life.”
~Ben, Fort Collins, CO USA

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