What Our Graduates Say

We are thrilled to receive feedback such as you will read below from graduates who have thrived after their experience with West River Academy.
*What our students say about the Graduation Program     |     *And after graduating from West River Academy?


What our students say about the Graduation Program

“When I started on the Graduation Program, I was still unsure of what to expect. To tell you the truth, I had doubts about how good the Academy truly was since it sounded too good to be true. But as time passed, all of my concerns were put to rest and in the end I got exactly what was said. I was amazed at the ease of the actual process and was very thankful to have a guide as wonderful as Peggy there to help ease my worries and answer any questions I had. I cannot express enough my gratefulness to Peggy for giving me the chance to show that I am still capable of being a successful student and learner, regardless of my homeschooling status.

“My Diploma and Transcript have turned into the essential tools with which I have now been able to be accepted into all of the colleges that I was working towards gaining entrance in.

Once again, Peggy: Thank you ever so much for making this possible!”
~Ester, Burnaby, British Columbia.  CANADA


The educational biography has to be the most important assignment I’ve ever had. I read part of it when I was at work earlier today and I had to stop because I got teary-eyed. Your academy changed my life. Thank you so much, I’ll never forget that your school was the only one that gave me a chance when no one else would.”
~Laura, Houston, Texas USA



“I am finding that as each month passes, I look forward with anticipation to finishing another essay. It gives me a chance to look back, and reflect upon what I learned and experienced in that month. These assignments present me with a challenge, which I have always loved, but that isn’t the key reason of why I find such enjoyment in writing. When I begin to put the words down on paper, it’s as if I am reliving my experiences. The good, and the bad ones, I feel as though I can almost go back to that time. I can feel the same emotions that I felt when it happened, and I can remember the thoughts that were going through my head. Just as I feel reading takes me to a new place, I feel that writing almost allows me to go back in time.”
~Autumn, Collbran, Colorado USA


Elvira, a graduate in Spain


“The kind of consistent chronicling you’ve demanded of me in these months is completely unprecedented. I’ve never recorded so much of my life. I think it’s been a valuable exercise, and I’d like to thank you for prompting it of me.”
~Aurora, Santiago, CHILE



“There’s no point in beating around the bush…this is my last report and it was fun.  I enjoyed reading my creations and I also enjoyed reading your responses.  I think I really learned something about myself.  Before your program I didn’t like to write much and avoided it whenever I could.  After writing the reports, I’ve learned that writing isn’t so bad and I actually like to write.  I can’t believe that I’m graduating high school!  I know that this is just the beginning and not the end and I look forward to seeing where my life takes me.  And now I know if it involves writing, I can handle it.
~ Daniel, Diamond Springs, California USA


“The one thing that I don’t like about graduating is that I will miss our monthly reports and feedback. I really appreciate all of your advice, support, time, and effort. You are definitely on my list of people I would like to thank (Wow, you would think I won an Oscar!) so here it goes……. THANK YOU, MS. PEGGY WEBB!!!”
~Ashley, Colorado Springs, Colorado USA


WRA Graduate Eagle McMahon is a champion disc golf player www.discmania.net/2015/05/06/introducing-team-discmanias-eagle-wynne-mcmahon/


“Well this is the last of the six reports, so, first of all, I want to begin by telling you that I found this opportunity very interesting, now that having to write my experiences down have made me notice and acknowledge the importance and influence they have had in my life. So, thank you, for helping me see what was there all the while, but I hadn’t gotten the time to process.

“I used to study because I had to. I hadn’t really understood the true meaning of studying, and so I didn’t like anything that had to do with school. After this time I have had to reflect about it, I now know that if I study, I don’t do it to please or favor anyone. I do it for myself, for my future and for my own benefit. And that, I think, was a very important discovery because I started to want to learn and to be more responsible about my studies.

“Once I understood this, I saw that it was actually fun to challenge myself and try to get ahead when I was behind and it all could be fun instead of being monotonous and boring. I understood that learning can be either fun or boring, but that it is up to me.

“So, I think all these processes I have been through in the past months have been important for me to prepare for whatever it is to come in the future. Though some sacrifices and yes, many mistakes were made, I guess it was all necessary for me to grow up and mature, for me to move forward and learn new things and finally grow up to be a good person, that helps others, which is, in my opinion more important than anything else. ~Daniela, Bogotá, COLOMBIA


“It’s been so great reflecting on my education each month. I’ve totally enjoyed the process of thinking about what I have learned and applying it to my life plan. It helps me to see progress in myself, my goals and dreams.

“I’m going to try to do more journaling so that I can keep in touch with myself. It feels like a healthy practice to continue. Thank you for this great experience, Peggy.”
~Kevin, Boulder, Colorado, USA


And after graduating from West River Academy?
Here are some updates we received:

WRA graduate Chris Bones is an actor and singer. www.chrisbonesmusic.com


“I just wanted to give you an update on what my sister and I are doing after our graduation from West River Academy. It has been a busy 3 and a half years. As you might remember, our mother was very sick during our senior year of high school. Her health continued to decline until her passing. While this was difficult, Joy and I have really excelled.

“We fit in well at Red Rocks Community College. We both earned 4.0 averages during our first semester and were inducted in the Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society of two-year colleges. At Red Rocks we made friends and got involved in student activities. I joined the colleges’ honors program and co-chaired a major event, as well as sitting on the honors committee. I also became an officer in the Phi Theta Kappa Chapter that gave me additional leadership opportunities and travel away from home for the first time as I attended the international convention of PTK in Seattle.

“Joy and I both transferred to the University of Denver to complete our degrees. Joy is majoring in Anthropology, with a minor in Art, and I am double majoring in Political Science and Public Policy. It was another adjustment to a larger more demanding school; living at home kept us grounded.

“Joy is on track to graduate with her Bachelors in June. She is very excited and hopes to start her own bakery with a couple of friends in a few years. I will be graduating with my Bachelors and Masters in Public Policy as I was just accepted into the 4+1 Masters program. I will hopefully attend Law School after earning my Masters degree.

“I just wanted to drop you this line to let you know that we are doing well, and that being home schooled helped me move into what I wanted to do with my life.”
~Sajal, Lakewood, Colorado USA

Rachel Nishikawa

Rachel Nishikawa graduated from University of Hawaii in Communications and works for WRA!


“Hunter is attending International Diving Institute in Charleston, SC. He is loving his studies and has a perfect 100 % on all tests thus far. His last year with WRA enabled him to read, study, and  interview people in the commercial diving world. We will always be thankful for WRA.”
~Heather, Accra, GHANA


“I wanted to let you know that Alex is doing really well. You might enjoy knowing that the skills and passion for learning that he gained while homeschooling with West River were key to his success.  He is going to take a gap year and then look at colleges.  He already has a position as an instructor in a local martial arts dojo – working with 3-6 year olds!  Teaching and ecology are his passions, and I know he will take those into the future.  Thank you for all you did for us as a homeschooling family.  Your confidence and expertice really made a huge difference in our lives, and made a lasting difference in Alex’s life.  Thanks!”
~Christi, Louisville, Colorado USA


“Clark has one more semester at Michigan Technological University with a BS in Computer Science. His goal is to go to grad school next year. He did not take any computer classes in high school yet did fine in college, and he loves school and learning in general.

“Ezra is a biology/pre-medicine major at Lees McRae college in NC. He is on the bicycle team and is a junior this year. He is in the honors program there. Ez got to go to Nationals for his bike team both years so far.” ~ Teri, Nottingham, NH USA


Karen Abe graduate

Karen Abe is a WRA graduate who is now working with WRA!


“As you are aware, Justin completed the Graduation Program with West River Academy last May. Justin has just completed his first year at Community College of Aurora with a GPA of 4.0. THANKS for making it possible for our children to be educated the unschooled way!!”
~Tracy, Bennett, CO USA