Help Hugo Reach His Goal!

Help Hugo Reach His Goal!

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There is nothing more exciting than to see our students, who have poured themselves into their passions, be recognized for their talent. This November, 13 year-old Hugo will fly all the way from Romania to Las Vegas, NV to perform on a big stage just like he has always dreamed about. We interviewed him to learn more about how his dream of becoming a DJ started and what this means for his future.

Q: What first inspired you to learn how to DJ?

A: After being bullied for five years while in public school, I talked to my parents about transferring to another school. My mother took me seriously and started searching the internet for information about homeschooling, and then learned about unschooling. We found West River Academy in 2018 and it was the BEST thing that has happened to me! We then learned about “deschooling” and I was able to use all my free time to relax, calm down and heal from all that happened in school.

I’ve always loved listening to music but then my dad thought to buy me a DJ Controller, DDJ-SB3 PIONEER, which got me so excited to PLAY music! I taught myself by watching other DJs online and started an Instagram account, where people could find my profile and see my progression. I participated in a Romanian Talent Show, which was streamed online and on TV, and won 2nd place! I grew my Instagram following and started to think that being a professional DJ wasn’t too far of a reach. It would be amazing to become a great festival DJ, or even become one of the Top 10 in the world someday.

Q: Can you tell us more about how your family has supported this dream?

A: I’ll tell you a short story; I have a car on my desk. Now I will tell you why I say that. After twenty years, my parents fulfilled their dream of buying a brand new car, but when things changed for me and they saw that my dream was to become a DJ, they decided to sell it so that I could have the equipment I needed (my new DJ equipment) to follow my dream! I couldn’t believe it; I’m so grateful and I really want to make them proud!!! Now, my mom has created a GoFundMe page so that I can get to the next level and perform on a big stage in Las Vegas.

Q: After attending the World Championships, what steps will you take to develop your career?

A: First of all, I do hope to get there and attend WCOPA – this depends on the success of my GoFundMe page. If this dream is possible, I would LOVE to bring home the Gold for Romania. After this I would love to attend a professional DJ school and see where that takes me.

Additional comments: I would like to say, being an unschooler at West River Academy has allowed me the time and space to discover my passions and encourage all the kids that suffered from any reasons in public schools to find their place in this world full of dreams. But I must specify that kids must have parent support just like I’ve had and I thank God for the parents that I have for supporting all of my dreams.

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