Introducing our new “Welcome” video! We are pleased to release our new “Welcome to West River Academy” introductory video on our home page! This quick three-minute video shares who we are, what we provide, and what we can do for … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Welcoming Stacey and Rachel Nishikawa to the WRA Team! Peggy’s daughters, Stacey and Rachel Nishikawa, are the latest additions to our West River Academy Team. Read on to learn a little more about them.   Meet Stacey Stacey Nishikawa, Peggy’s … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Homeschooling teenager becomes pro disc golfer

Eagle McMahon is a Senior at West River Academy. Here he shares his experience homeschooling: how he learned to read, his “Notebook” method of planning his studies, and becoming a professional disc golfer. Homeschooling has been the greatest gift of … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Homeschooling teen learns martial arts, archery, 4-H and volunteers at a community food bank

This essay was written by a high school senior who was homeschooled for his whole life. Homeschooling gave him the opportunity to pursue several interests and volunteer within his community. Here are excerpts from his essay. Hi, my name is … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Cultural Studies, Crafts and Pets guide learning in a Life-long unschooler’s life

Our high school student Austin Hildebrand has been homeschooled all of his life. He has used his heritage and interests to guide his learning. Here’s his thoughts on his experience. “Being homeschooled is by the far the best gift one … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Learning through Hub Learning

Hub Learning is another way to approach unschooling, or interest-led learning. Our high-school student wrote about his learning style, and how he applied “Hub Learning” to his interests. Here he’s sharing his experiences. My Learning Style “I learn in many … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Ripple effects in learning

In education, learning about one topic has a ripple effect across all spheres of knowledge. As advocates of unschooling, we don’t push students to learn specific subjects separately from each other. The underlying assumption in unschooling is that nothing exists … [CLICK TO READ MORE]