About Peggy and Karen

Peggy Webb and Karen Abe are a mother-daughter team that is committed to helping you negotiate the twists and turns of a life devoted to educating your children outside the system. You can count on us to support you as you complete the process of withdrawing your children from school and getting them settled into a learning style that fits your family. Read more about us here.

Karen was unschooled her whole life. We have the unique ability to speak from the perspectives of a parent trying to figure out how to work with her children in an unschooling style, and of a student who experienced all of her education as an unschooler. We are pleased and honored to assist you as you find what fits your family. It may be unschooling or it may be a structured curriculum or it may be a little of each. Whatever you choose, we will be there to support you. Please read about West River Academy’s unschooling perspective here.

West River Academy is an accredited private school. You will receive the peace of mind knowing that, at the end of your children’s journey, there will be a high school diploma to reward them for their work. Their accredited diploma and transcript will assist them as they apply to colleges and choose careers. Learn more about accreditation here.


“I have TOTAL home schooler peace thanks to West River Academy….

I’m so happy you are there doing this great thing for homeschoolers. I tell everyone I meet that thinks you “have to” test your children about you — I hope most of them have come to your umbrella!.”

~Audrey, Denver, CO USA